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Authentic Movement

I first encountered Authentic Movement at a dance movement therapy training. We were honored to be led by Joan Chodorow herself. Then I looked up the direct followers of Janet Adler and this method (The Discipline of Authentic Movement) affected me so deeply that I set out to study it. I've been practicing for 10 years and I feel like I'm at the beginning... but at the same time, we have deep experiences with our clients, both during regular meetings and especially at weekend AM retreats.

Authentic movement is a specific discipline in the field of dance-movement therapy and Mindfulness practice. Movement meditation focused inward, where we listen to our body and the impulses that come. We then allow the movement to unfold spontaneously. The body speaks in the present moment. The process takes place with closed eyes and unfolds actively in the form of imagination and expressiveness with the participation of a witness. We learn to cultivate the conscious attention of both the mover and the active witness. Authentic movement is based both on the concept of Jungian active imagination and Buddhist psychology and is practiced all over the world. The process is profoundly transformative and its practice brings unconscious processes to the surface, which are then consciously processed verbally or artistically.

Who is Authentic Movement intended for?

.... just for you, if you want to meet yourself and turn your inner critic into an inner friend and supporter.  Authentic movement is  a path to self-confidence, self-concept, to own autonomy, but also a path against burnout, processing trauma, and overall well-being. 


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Regular Thursdays

Regular Thursdays at Dancelab Prague

(17.15 - 19.15h)

November + December  2023

Weekend: 8.-9. 6. 2024 Trstěnice near Litomyšl

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