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I guide my clients through the body. I studied body-oriented psychotherapy and I believe in this path of healing.  Most of what happens to us is caused by the powerful force of thoughts, or by the action of the personal and collective unconscious. Unfortunately, however, we cannot change dysfunctional thought patterns and attitudes only on a cognitive, conscious level.

The body is much wiser than its one part - the frontal cortex, and deeper changes happen below it, i.e. sub-cortically. On an emotional level, on a physical level, on a nervous system level, on a cellular level.


Yes, sometimes we go down to the cellular depends on the receptivity of the client.

I always start where the client's sensitivity reaches and what is safe for him/her. If it is welcome, I also use touch in my work in the form of bodywork and guide the client in this way.


A field gradually forms between me and the client, in which my level of attention and being together is key. Total presence alone already changes things.

I consider this kind of art to be a life challenge and my mission, which I constantly practice, observe and advance. Clients teach me this, but without knowledge of movement reading (Laban Movement Analysis), Buddhist principles in the Hakomi Method and Authentic Movement, it would not be possible.  

I therefore do not diagnose pathologies and causes for clients, nor do I give them defined answers and instructions. In the process that I lead with clients, somatic answers come, which are then prescribed in life.


A part of the therapy is always a conversation - before and after the non-verbal process. We learn to name things, which is essential for the integration of the physical and mental planes. My interest is to awaken intuition, humility and acceptance of the fact that we cannot control everything.


I lead the therapy by invitation and sometimes I am a witness, sometimes we dance together, move, use voice, and sometimes touch is a key element.

Individual therapy

The individual session takes place in the DanceLab studio in Vinohrady.

Group therapy

I offer group therapy sessions for 4-8 participants in the form of Authentic Movement. It is an atypical form of mindfulness (Mindfulness) in movement, in which art, ritual, mysticism, poetry and the Buddhist principles of "non-judgment" and "loving kindness" are connected. This practice can be used both in clinical psychotherapy and in art. I've been learning the form quite intensively for the last 10 years in Scotland and Germany, and sometimes I feel like I'm still at the beginning... and that's beautiful too. Wisdom cannot be learned or rushed. They just have to mature.

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